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Welkom op de vernieuwde site van Massagepraktijk Limmen.

Met enige trots presenteren wij de nieuwe site van Massagepraktijk Limmen. Sinds half februari online gegaan met speciale dank aan grafisch bureau NR 27. Grafisch mooier, mobiel vriendelijk, overzichtelijker en een gebruiksvriendelijkere online reserveer functie. Ik ben benieuwd wat je er van vindt! Wij houden ons aanbevolen wanneer je op of aanmerkingen hebt.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Massagepraktijk Limmen



  1. Graag gedaan Thijs; deze nieuwe site is de kroon op al je harde werk, ga zo door; succes! groet Corien

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Family van der Bunt
Family van der Bunt
posted 1 year ago

I came to Thijs with low back complaints. I could no longer put on my own shoes. Thijs realized where the problem was within 1 minute and was able to find the muscle in question immediately. I think Thijs is a very skilled therapist. He is very pleasant to work with and very quiet. In short: a must !!

DICX Autorijschool en motorrijschool
DICX Autorijschool en motorrijschool
posted 2 years ago

After having worn out many therapists etc. After consulting an acquaintance, I ended up at Thijs (Meander) and I have never regretted this. On the contrary

Thijs has a very personal and specific problem-oriented approach, which, in short, has led to a quick relief of my complaints. My complaints regarding an irritated / inflamed bursa in the shoulder became visibly less with the Thijs massages. Even with overburdened muscles after intensive exercise, the Thijs massages have helped me well and have improved my sporting performance and are a very good addition to the movement therapy of many a physiotherapist.

Other general complaints related to my overburdened body are also being adequately addressed and I feel much better about myself despite my busy work.

So do you have muscle or movement complaints of any kind? Make an appointment at Thijs. Perhaps he can mean just as much to you as he can to me.

Agnes Gankema
Agnes Gankema
posted 2 years ago

I came to Thijs Punt with shoulder complaints. I had gone through it for so long that I couldn't even sleep anymore. Already after one treatment the pain was so much less that I could sleep through an entire night and after three treatments I had no more problems. I chose Thijs as a masseur, because he does specially complaint-focused massages, but actually he does much more than that. Of course, he treats the area where the pain is, but he also immediately looks at other potential problem areas, so that they are addressed before other complaints occur. I still go to him every few weeks. This ensures that no new complaints arise. I therefore think that it would be good for everyone to be massaged preventively.


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