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Welkom op de vernieuwde site van Massagepraktijk Limmen.

Met enige trots presenteren wij de nieuwe site van Massagepraktijk Limmen. Sinds half februari online gegaan met speciale dank aan grafisch bureau NR 27. Grafisch mooier, mobiel vriendelijk, overzichtelijker en een gebruiksvriendelijkere online reserveer functie. Ik ben benieuwd wat je er van vindt! Wij houden ons aanbevolen wanneer je op of aanmerkingen hebt.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Massagepraktijk Limmen



  1. Graag gedaan Thijs; deze nieuwe site is de kroon op al je harde werk, ga zo door; succes! groet Corien

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Agnes Gankema
Agnes Gankema
posted 3 years ago

I came to Thijs Punt with shoulder complaints. I had gone through it for so long that I couldn't even sleep anymore. Already after one treatment the pain was so much less that I could sleep through an entire night and after three treatments I had no more problems. I chose Thijs as a masseur, because he does specially complaint-focused massages, but actually he does much more than that. Of course, he treats the area where the pain is, but he also immediately looks at other potential problem areas, so that they are addressed before other complaints occur. I still go to him every few weeks. This ensures that no new complaints arise. I therefore think that it would be good for everyone to be massaged preventively.

Marit Kramer-Duinmeijer
Marit Kramer-Duinmeijer
posted 4 years ago

Many of my family members preceded me and had themselves massaged by Thijs. At one point I had so much trouble with my neck, arms and back that I also decided to go to Thijs and discover whether he could 'get me loose'. I think family couldn't help but be fine, after all they all benefited.

Thijs' massages are in-depth massages, he really continues until he gets to the problem point, no matter how deep. You can get a bit stiff after the treatment, it has always gone well with me. We had come to a point where we could take a bit more time between treatments when it went wrong and I had completely secured myself again. Thijs was able to solve this serious and painful problem with one treatment, so that I was able to enjoy the rest of our holiday again, free from pain.

We have now come back to the point where we can take a longer time between the treatments and the massage treatments (with the support of Raja Yoga) are now largely maintenance.

Personally I would recommend anyone who has complaints or 'maintenance' massage to go to Thijs, I (and my family) really like it.

Gerry van Geldorp
Gerry van Geldorp
posted 7 years ago

Thanks to my wife, who is a regular customer of Kim (Thijs's wife), I ended up with this masseur. In the meantime I had accepted the complaints I had, especially in the back and calves, because they had been preventing me from exercising for years. After a few treatments at Thijs, "everything works again", because he was able to find and treat the pain points flawlessly. Sometimes it hurts a bit, but according to Thijs that is part of it and indeed, a few days after the treatment everything feels smooth again and I walk around whistling. The treatments take place in a pleasant atmosphere, with Thijs giving tips on posture, movement patterns and keeping your body and mind flexible. Not only physically, but also psychologically, you are at the right address with Thijs. And of course the slogan has been coined earlier, but I repeat it again: Be wise, go to Thijs!


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